“CONNECT International is implementing the project “Digital Citizenship – through Youth Glasses,” with support from the European Youth Foundation. Our goal is to nurture an environment for Digital Citizenship and its education. We aim to unite youth organizations and educators, developing policies for effective digital engagement. Additionally, we focus on enhancing online Digital Citizenship Education across Europe.”


“Digital Citizenship – through Youth Glasses” is a project supported by the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe. Our overarching objective is to actively contribute to the creation of a conducive atmosphere for Digital Citizenship and Digital Citizenship Education. We aspire to unite youth organizations and Digital Citizenship educators, collaboratively shaping policy recommendations that cultivate substantial digital engagement and citizenship on various fronts. Furthermore, we endeavour to champion online Digital Citizenship Education endeavours for the benefit of young individuals and youth organizations across Europe.

But before we dive into the topic, we would like that there are various definitions of digital citizenship, but they all agree on some of the common principles:

• Using technology to make your community better.

• Engaging respectfully online with people who have different beliefs than you.

• Using technology to make your voice heard by public leaders and shape public policy.

• Determining the validity of online sources of information.

Digital citizenship goes beyond conversations about personal responsibility. It’s about being active citizens who see possibilities instead of problems, and opportunities instead of risks as they curate a positive and effective digital footprint with respect to human rights and dignity. Citizenship is ever evolving and thus requires ongoing conversation and debate. What is appropriate in one timeframe or culture is not necessarily appropriate in the other. Digital citizenship, as a relatively new form of citizenship, will require ample conversation, especially as society works to educate youth in this new realm. Finally, citizenship is intimately tied to community. Citizenship does not reside in a vacuum – it must have a community. Digital citizenship has reformulated the reach and nature of communities. Such communities can now be multicultural, global, highly focused, and inclusive.

Digital citizenship is one of the key for pillars of Connect International, it that spirit we decided that we will give even a deeper focus to it in 2023, and for that reason we celebrated 2023 is Year of Digital Citizenship. The project has been developed in that spirit, and included in depth bottom-up research, developing a self-placement course and a policy recommendation for stakeholders.

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This platform is developed with the support of the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe.